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welcome to presentation in pics and critics of
Buffalo Bull's at Tånga hed ,sweden
show 14 maj 2011
judge Josef Schneider, Austria

thank's to photografs Leila Saukko. Mimmi Elg , Nathalie Uppling-Loddby ,Jess.Öström more pics to come ...

Sch dkch Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida
and her mother
Internationell champion
Buffalo Bull's Germanmade Greta
and sister
Buffalo Bull's I'm Imperial Ivanna
and Idas ( & Bigshot Cracker Barrels ) offspring puppys
b. 6oct2010
BOB Puppy 6-9 months
Buffalo Bull's Looking for Love aka PLURA🤩
Very good type exellent strong head, with a perfect bite, ears on top, correct top and underline. good front, very good shoulders, exellent  movements, very promising with a lovely temperament.
Buffalo Bull*s
it was Greta with daughters Ida & Ivanna and big Melker
critic;  in this group 4of them have the same type with good heads and strong bodies exellent temperament , this type is eyecathing in the ring !

Thank's to all that make this POSSIBLE !!!!!

puppyclass 6-9 months
2th Buffalo Bull's lust for Life aka Buddha

very good terriertyped with a good head and correct mouth, excellent neck and choulders, perfect tail, very good front with compact shoulders, excellent temperament, Very promising !
3th Buffalo Bull's Lion King aka Jamie
critic; very strong heavybuilt male with a good strong head ,good bite but with one inst canine , very good black eye ,ears ok , exellent topline , correct front very good cat feets  short strong back  , good angulations , correct movements , very promising!
2th Buffalo Bull's Love Hurts aka Rita
exellent red puppy bitch with a good head a,d correct mouth , ex ears very good fill under the eyes correct front,very good feet ,good short body very good deep and wide chest good angulations correct movement a lovely temperament very promising!
4th Buffalo Bull's Light my Fire aka Wilma
exellent type, very good head, good mouth. perfect ears exellent dark eyes. very good neck, strong short back. good front. very good tail set. good angulation, but movments are not the best, very good temperament, very promising!

males 12-18 months
3th CK Buffalo Bull's Knight in White aka Melker
critic; Exellent big heavy dog with a good head, good mouth, the canins are not instanding but not the best, very good expression, correct shoulders with a good front , correct angulation, exellent  movements , lovely temperament

males openclass
3th   exellent Eva Marias Broder Jakob
critic; very good in type,very good head,incorrect mouth, lovely topline with a very good tailset ,a little bit loose in the elbows,good angulations,moves very well , very good temperament

bitches openclass
3th in class  CK Buffalo Bull's I'm Imperial  strong heavyweight white bitch with a wonderful head and good mouth , very good expression, very good eyes , good topline , very good front, deep wide chest , very good angulations, the movements are not the best ,The handler shows the dog proffesional .... well done Mimmi😘

champion  class
1th  CK   4 Best male
Jww-08 SEch Dkch Finch Anzesa Ineffable Isaac
critic; very good in type , exellent head , incorrect mouth , very good topline, good angulations , correct front,  good feets, exellent condition,  good movements  and a exellent showman

bitches champion class
3th CK SECH DKCH Buffalo Bull's I'm independent Ida
Powerful red bitch of high quality , very good head, correct mouth , wonderful ears , very elegant neck and topline , good tailset , good angulations , correct movements , the girl is very showy ! mother to the puppys

4th  CK Internationell Champion
Buffalo Bull's Germanmade Greta
critic ; very typical powerful black brindle bitch , with an exellent head , good mouth , the ears bang on the top , exellent eyes, correct front ,good angulation ,very good movement grandma to the puppys

SECH Eva Marias Syster Frida
critic; typical terriertyped brindle bitch. good fem. head, correct mouth. very long neck. good topline. perfect front, verrygood angulation. the girls is very showy. the movement are very good. good temperament sister to jakob