Buffalo Bull's Miss Marshmallow 9 months

🙂  Västerås SKK 27/4 2014
BOB CC Buffalo Bull's Miss Marshmallow
2  best veteran INT ch Buffalo Bull's Germanmade Greta
3  reserv CC Rolliks Althea ( daughter to Eva Marias Broder Jakob)

Int show Borås 31june 2012

stort grattis  Jocke o Lisa 😋
Buffalo Bull's Nestor Napoleon

 (Ragnarök Thrudheim x Buffalo Bull's Im Imperial Ivanna)
BIM o första Cert
endast 9 månader gammal
well done !!!

på foto ovan Buffalo Bull's looking for Love *Plura*

Avesta Int show 17juni 2012
judge Helge Kvivesen Norge

BIR cert Cacib
 Jakobs dotter  😋
nordjw nordw-11 Rollicks Amazing Agnes
BIM cert Cacib
Buffalo Bull's Looking for Love  🙂
2 bästa tik
reservcert reservcacib (tack Nathalie for handling)
Buffalo Bull's Light my Fire
3 bästa tik CK
SEch FINch Eva Marias Syster Frida
and young jun .bitch get
exellent Buffalo Bull's Naughty Nellie


🤩 30 may 2012
Eva Marias broder Jakob x
Lejongapets Ellen Vallmo have get 4 puppies
2 boys and 2 girls all brindle with white marks

är du seriöst intresserad av en valp
kontakta Marita kennel Lejongapet




NORSK OPEN SHOW 9juni 2012
judge Dai Hall, CWMDULAIS wales U.K
what a day thanks to all my helpers and to the judge that think so high about my bullies
and CONGRATS to the winners

BOB puppie 6-9m 
Buffalo Bull's Nestor Napoleon😙

bitches 6-9m
2  in class Buffalo Bull's Norris Nymph
3 in class  Buffalo Bull's Nimble Nathalie

Buffalo Bull's Lionking  hp movements

Buffalo Bull's Knight in White hp movements

Eva Marias Broder Jakob
3in class hp head

Buffalo Bull's Im Independent Ida

Buffalo Bull's Im Imperial Ivanna
hp head

4 in class
Buffalo Bull's Light my Fire hp movements

and at last BEST BREEDERGROUP !!!!!!


Buffalo Bull's Knockout

på sin första officiella utställning

vann Buffalo Bull's Knockout   * Larsa *
f.10 okt 2009
 SEch Dkch Finch Anzesa Ineffable Isaac x
Buffalo Bull's Gothic Gargoyle )


stort Grattis till ägare Emilie m. familj
nu hoppas vi det blir mer shower 😙

BIR Hässleholm SECH Dkch Starbust Name of the Game

Congrats breeder & owners to
Igors (Jww-08 sch finch dkch Anzesa Ineffable Isaacs  son

'Starbust Name of the Game '
aka Stikkan

Swedish and Danish CHAMPION

and congrats to his sister (Igors daughter)

Starburst Invisible Touch aka Happy

Starburst Invisble Touch

May 2012
 healthtested OK

 patella heart skin kidneys hearing
Buffalo Bull's Looking for Love
Buffalo Bull's Lion King

and Eva Marias Syster Frida 
patella heart skin kidneys hearing
  Eva Marias Broder Jakob tested the same for 3 years OK

Buffalo Bull's Killer Queen
healthtested OK

patella heart skin kidneys 🤩

Eva Marias Broder Jakob

JAKOBS daughters !!

Jakobs daughters   / congrats

Lejongapets Hedda Hallon ( Eva Marias broder Jakob x Lejongapets Ellen vallmo )

BIM cert Hässleholm show


Chynos Rosemary  (Eva Marias Broder Jakob x Chynos Red Chili ) * ROSA*
valputst  2011

2011-08-13 Övre NorrlandsTek Piteå domare Curt Nilsson: Hp BIR, BIS-1 valp 6-9 månader
2011-08-28 Västsvenska Tek Tånga Hed domare Alena Aurerbach Hp BIR (BIM Chynos Coriander "Åke")

"Rosa" har ställts ut 4ggr som OFFICIELLT som JUNIOR 2012 med följande resultat:

Västernorrlands Kennelklubb
domare Julija Aiditienne
Excellent, Cert, Ck, BIR, BIG-3

Västernorrlands Terrierklubb
Excellent, Cert, Ck BIR, Bästa junior

2012-05-05 Övre Norrlands Tek
domare Markku Kipinä:
Excellent: Cert, Ck BIR, BIS Junior 4

2012-05-19 Övre Norrlands Kennelklubb
domare Hannele Jokisilta
Cert, Ck, BIR

Chynos Rosemary

at the terrierclub show in Sundsvall
judge Danny Gilmore .uk

BOB winner
breeder/owner Agneta

SECH Superglorys Pride (Jakobs daughter )

at the same show
Chynos Rosemary (Jakobs daughter ) 
got best bitch 2  CAC and Best junior!

we are so proud !! well done

BIG Congrats to breeder/owner Anne-Marie

Chynos Rosemary ( JAKOBS daughter )

she got  CAC, BOB and BOG3 at the swedish  Kennelclub show, in Sundsvall
only 1 year old !

2 cac in the same weekend!!!

we are so proud   !! well done

🤪Grattis till
Chynos Thyme aka Rauha

bästa finska bullterriervalp 2011

(dotter till Eva Marias broder Jakob)

congrats to breeder and owner
Chynos Thyme
finnish pup of the year 2011

Buffalo Bull's Light my Fire *WILMA*

inoff utställning Eskilstuna1 april 2012
Grattis Annika & Wilma som blev BIR & BIG3a
bra jobbat

Jakobs first littermate have it's first champion 3mars 2012
SUPER GLORYS PRIDE BOB CC & Swedish Champion 2days after her 2 yearsday
congrats to proud Breeder  Agneta Millqvist
and her bitch Bullkings Midsommer Promise

🤪 😲 🙃

news news news news news news news news

*IDA* are invited to compete  in INTERNATIONELL TROPHY IN UK 18/2 2012
Invited to CETS ,Belgium 2012

🙂 vi grattar
BIR cert My dog Göteborg
X 2 dagar ...bra jobbat

Rollicks Amazing Agnes
*Jakobs daugter *
Nordic Junior & Nordic winner 2011 in sthlm dec 2011!!!

Kritik Evgeny Rozenberg:
Excellent type&size, Compact and feminine. Very good proportions, Very good substance. Nice head. Very sympathetic expression. Lips could have more pigment. Dark eyes. Nice ears. Excellent front and forechest. Deep and wide chest. Very good topline & angulations. Good temperament! Excellent movements.

 Terrierderby 2011 JÖNKÖPING
domare Patrik Cederlöf

SEch Dkuch Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent IDA

2 BH  reserv CERT 
Eva Marias Broder Jakob 😙

domare Helen Tonkson ,estland
9 0kt 2011

BIR  cert CACIB   Super Glorys Pride (Jakobs daughter )

 2 BH  Eva Marias Broder Jakob
 reservcert  CACIB

stort tack till Agneta för SUPERFIN HANDLING!!!!!

Sollentuna östsvtek
8okt 2011
domare Charlotta Melin

BIM cert 🙂
Eva Marias Broder Jakob

BIR cert Super Glorys Pride
(Eva Marias Broder Jakob x
     Bullkings Midsommer Promise   )

2btk Ck hennes syster
Super Glorys Priceless

orginalmålning av L.E Shepard Canada

Idas porträttfoto när hon var 4 månader finns

att köpa på div.

saker plånböcker ,mattor ,muggar, etc...


😀 🤩  jättehäftigt !!!


😀 * what a day for Buffalo Bull's *
and big congrats to all the other winners !!!
and big thank's to Nathalie that handled several of our bullies !

judge males
judge bitches
Mrs MAUREEN HUGHES u.k 'Graymore'
thank's to them both for thinking so high about my bullies!!!

52 STANDARD bitches entered the ring SUNDAY
Best bitch BOS HP 🙂 
Sech Dkch
Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida
' very pretty red & white bitch  super head filled right up under the eyes lovely acing profile into a roman nose mouth correct  well placed eyes  ears bang on top
deep barreld chest  strong front with catfeet  strong muscled neck into a good lenght of shoulder  shourt couple with deep briscuite  well bend stifled  moved well in front a liitle close behind'
price for head & handling
coowned by kristina Ekström


41 STANDARD males entered the ring SUNDAY
Best dog 2 Hp  Jww-08 Sech Dkch Finch Anzesa Ineffable Isaac
'tall upstanding 4 years old brindle&white male lovely head good expression mouth good canines inverted good neck good forchest nice straight front exc topline lovely bend i quarters strong all around dog shown and handled well, well schooled dog' price for head & handling
coown ,trained & loved  by  Linda and Kristoffer

Best dog 3 Hp  
(Igors son )
Buffalo Bull's Knight in White 'Melker'
Heavy weight 2 years old white male strong head a gentle profile just lacks a little fill, Mouth ok one canine inside exc shoulders good straight front good depth in body good topline good quarters showned and handled well
price for head and handling
coowned and loved by Marlene Attila

Best MOVER  bitches HP 
SECH Eva Marias Syster Frida 🙂
'well made brindle & white bitch fem head well placed eyes and ears  perfect mouth  deep barreld chest broud lay of shoulders level topline good deepth of briscuite well angulated quarters moved well
price for movements & handling
trained & loved and co.own by Nathalie Uppling Loddby

Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida
and her puppies with
Bigshot Cracker Barrel
BB Lion King , BB Looking for Love,
BB Light my Fire , BB Lust for Life
thank's goes to the owners that makes it possible 😘

'Lovely type truoghout very consistent lovely make and shape well filled heads balanced trough out good bone exc litter all around very showy very good breedresult'

* Buffalo Bull's*
BB I'm Independent Ida, BB Lion King BB Light my Fire,  BB Knight in White

'consistent in breedtype and quality superheads and troughout very well made with bone and substance lovely fronts nice rich colors good all around group, credit to the breeder🙂

Eva Marias Broder Jakob was entered but he runs after a car and hurt his leg two days before the show so he was limping the  showday  
he got super critic !! 
 compact 3 years old male lovely head filled and turned pity mouth is just off nice expression good neck very good shoulders exc bone nice tight feet good topline good quarters lovely outline to this dog when standing pity he was limping looks like he could move well' price for head & handling  ,
thank's Mimmi Elg for perfect handling


well done & congrats to
Jakobs offspring
2 HP
Rolliks Amazing Agnes
'typey white girl pretty head gentle archeing profile dark eye ,ears bang on top good deepht of chest with good straight front well angulated quarters with second thigh good deep of briscuite level topline
moved well bouth ways but lost topline on the move  

price for head movements handling
owned & loved  by Margreth Nilsson
1  HP
Super Glorys Pride
'Black/brindle bitch Head well filled with good downface  mouth ok well placed eyes and ears elegant neck into good lays of shoulders level topline good round bone throughout with tight catfeet good deepth of briscuite well muscled quarters moved well both ways with drive very smart bitch
price for head movements handling
owned & loved  by breeder Agneta Millqvist

see more of them at *Jakobs puppies*

and Congrats to Idas offspring
9-15 m
2 Hp BB Lion King
'Tall upstanding 10 months red and white male ,strong head filled and turned nice profile and finish in strong neck good shoulders good front excellent bone topline ok when standing strong quarters mowed shown and handled very well  ,powerful dog on the move'
price for head movements handling
coowned & loved  by Elin Harpe & Ronny

4 BB Looking for Love
'10 months old red and white male ,nice head strong profile with big finish good mouth good expression nice straight front  enough bone for size ,just slightly overcouched on topline strong quarters moved ok all around when settled'
price for head
owned & loved by Anna Lindberg
3 BB Love Hurts
Red&white pretty fem. head good eye placement and ears bang on top perfect mouth strong elegant neck good deep of briscuite straight front well developed  second thight  moved well in front
 a bit closed behind
price for head , handling
owned & loved of breeder Ewa Vollter

4 BB Light my Fire
'Pretty red & white girl wellfilled head perfect mouth with good earssat long neck tapening into a good lay of shoulders well springribs level topline angulated quarters moved well in front and close behind
price for head, handling
coowned & loved by Annika Eriksson

also Congrats to 
4  BB Grim Gremlin
'pretty tricolored bitch wellfilled head with downface one canine in well shaped eye ears bang on top Deep chest straight front short complead?body strong hindquarters m second ? good deep of briscuite Moved well
price for head movements ,handling
owned & loved  by Jessica Öström
5  Int ch BB Germanmade Greta
'tricolored bitch fem well filled head with gently arcing profile mouth ok wellplaced ears and eyes wellmade troughout deep chest straight front on catfeet Good round bone level topline well angulated quarters moved well
price for head ,movements, handling
owned & loved by Kristina Ekström

over 10 year..
in the show was also big mama
2 SnuchBeefheart Cinderella 13,5 year
13,5 years old white bitch Heavyweight
good head nice front angulated quarters
A credit to her owner'

3 Sch Finch Nch Buffalo Bull's Brown Sugar Babe soon 11 year !
'11 years brindle bitch pretty head straight front good deep of chest deep briscuite well muscled still showing her heart out '

Jakobs daughter BIS valp , Svtek Piteå

CHYNOS Rosemarin BIR ,BISvalp  🙂
på svtek ,Piteå
och till CHYNOS Thyme BIR valp , Finland
Big congrats to Eva Marias broder Jakobs daughters
BOB BIS puppy in terrierclubshow ,Piteå
and to CHYNOS Thyme BOB puppy in Finland

23July 2011
judge Sarah Foster kennel Bilboen ,uk


SECH DKCH Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent IDA
Hp head & handling

1 in class  HP head ,Idas daughter
Buffalo Bull's Light my Fire *Wilma*

3 Best bitch HP Head ,Super Glorys' Pride *Coco*
Jakobs daughter , owner Agneta Millqvist  
5 in class Rolliks Amazing Agnes
Jakobs daughter , owner margreth Gustavsson

2 Best male HP head  ,Idas son
Buffalo Bull's Looking for Love *Plura*
owner Anna Lindblom

5 Best Male Hp Head ,Movements,handling
  Eva Marias Broder Jakob

What a day  !



Thank's to
Agneta and Margreth how give me company om my trip!!
and Anna that let me handled Plura !!!

östsv tek Vilsta eskilstuna 12 juni 2011

BIR BIS valp totalt av alla valpar

Buffalo Bull's Light my Fire *Wilma*
Buffalo Bull's Looking for Love *

BOB BIS all puppys 4-9months
Buffalo Bull's Light my Fire (Bigshot cracker Barrel & Buffalo Bull's I'm independent Ida )
BOS puppy 6-9m
Buffalo Bull's Looking for Love





Tånga Hed 14 maj 2011

västsvenska Terrierklubben
Tånga Hed 14 maj 2011
judge Josef Schneider, austria

more pics at *Tånga hed *site!!!

BOB Puppy 6-9 months
Buffalo Bull's Looking for Love aka PLURA 🤩
Very good type exellent strong head, with a perfect bite, ears on top, correct top and underline. good front, very good shoulders, exellent  movements, very promising with a lovely temperament.

Buffalo Bull*s
it was Greta with daughters Ida & Ivanna and big Melker

critic;  in this group 4of them have the same type with good heads and strong bodies exellent temperament , this type is eyecathing in the ring !

Thank's to all that make this POSSIBLE !!!!!😋

Grattis Brutus !!
Buffalo Bull's Lucky Luke

puppy 6-9 months 🙂

Lahti Finland
handler Anne Eriksson , Big thank's

thank's goes to owner
Mattias & Leonna for taken
 such care of  *Brutus*

(Buffalo Bull's Love Hurts )

BIM puppy 6-9  months
på skånebullen....
well done 🙂

judge michael Thompson

nya valpar /new puppies

Grattis !!!
Eva Marias Broder Jakob har blivit pappa !
f. 2011 03 04 hos kennel Lejongapet 
1 hane + 1 tik 😀
stolt mor är Lejongapets Ellen Vallmo

Eva Marias Broder Jakob have been father
born 4 mars 2011 breeder Lejongapet
1 male 1 bitch
proud mother Lejongapets Ellen Vallmo

Jakob & Bettys son 3 weeks !

EVA MARIAS BRODER JAKOB har blivit pappa hos kennel Chynos
5 st valpar födda den 3 febr 2011
3 hanar + 2 tikar alla brindle !
stolt mor är Chynos Red Chili *Betty*🤩

Puppies born 3febr 2011
after Jakob x Chynos Red chili
3 males +2 bitches all brindle

Hipp Hurra vilken dag !

Tack , mina valpköpare /fodervärdar,
för att ni gör detta möjligt !!!

5 mars 2011 östsvenska terrierklubben   sollentuna
domare Helen Tonkson -Koit  Estland (miniuppfödare )

valp 4-6m  
Buffalo Bull's Looking for Love 'Plura'
(Bigshot cracker Barrel x Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida)

2 exellent Hp  Buffalo Bull's Lust for Life 'Budha' 
(Bigshot Cracker Barrel x Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida 
) 5 months old, exellent type, teeth in change, good bones, well developed chest for age, well done head with well filled for age, good topline, well angulated , moves freely if he wants to.

BIM  Buffalo Bull's Light my Fire 'Wilma'
(Bigshot cracker Barrel x Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida)

valp 6-9mån
BIR  Rollicks Amazing Agnes
(Eva Marias Broder Jakob x Bodils Mantella )

BIM Cert
Buffalo Bull's King Arthur
( JWW-08 such dkch finch Anzesa Ineffable Isaac x Buffalo Bull's Gothic Gargoyle)

BTK 2 reserv cert
Buffalo Bull's I'm Imperial Ivanna
( Multich Emred War Dance x Int ch Buffalo Bull's Germanmade Greta )



Thank's goes to my puppybuyers ... do that this is possible !!!

5 mars  östsvenska terrierclub  sollentuna
judge Helen Tonkson -Koit  Estland (mini breeder )

puppyclass 4-6m  
Buffalo Bull's Looking for Love 'Plura' 
(Bigshot cracker Barrel x Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida)
2 exellent Hp  Buffalo Bull's Lust for Life 'Budha' 
(Bigshot Cracker Barrel x Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida )

BOS Buffalo Bull's Light my Fire 'Wilma'
(Bigshot cracker Barrel x Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida) 

puppyclass 6-9mån
BOB Rollicks Amazing Agnes
(Eva Marias Broder Jakob x Bodils Mantella )

Buffalo Bull's King Arthur
( JWW-08 such dkch finch Anzesa Ineffable Isaac x Buffalo Bull's Gothic Gargoyle)

Best bitch 2 reserv CC
Buffalo Bull's I'm Imperial Ivanna
( Multich Emred War Dance x Int ch Buffalo Bull's Germanmade Greta )


nedkom den 6 okt 2010 med 8 st valpar !
4 hanar & 4 tikar
7st röda/vita och en vit hanhund med rött öra 
hipp hipp hurra
tack Britt, Lisa ,Nathalie o Sonja för assistansen

🤩we are so lucky !
Ida got 8 puppies 6 oktober 2010
4 males & 4 bitches
7 red /white /smut and 1 white male

thanks goes to Britt , Nathalie , Lisa o Sonja that help us ....at the birth

all puppies BAER tested (hearing ) OK

one bitch are exported to Holland , Buffalo Bull's Lady in Red
one male are exported to Finland , Buffalo Bull's Lucky Luke


father is beautiful  BIGSHOT CRACKER BARREL

for more  pics of father

and more info about Ida
 on this site  *bitches / Idas site*
and pedigree puppies please go back and look at *pedigree new puppies*

both parents healthtesed ok

Ny champion 😙 9oktober 2010
Svtek Strängnäs domare Rene'e Willes Sporres
BIM cert Eva Marias Syster Frida
kan nu titulera sig SECH
svensk utställningschampion
JÄTTEGRATTIS till Nathalie&Ingemar och uppfödare Britt Norlin , Mora

utställning HÖGBO BRUK 4-5 sept 2010

Int skk  4/9 2010
Eva Marias Syster Frida

Dalarnas tek 5/9 2010
BIM Norduch Buffalo Bull's Brown Sugar
Babe   10 år ...
2 BTK CERT Eva Marias Syster Frida

Jakob & Bodils Mantella har fått valpar

2010 08 03
blev Eva Marias Broder Jakob stolt far till 4 valpar med Bodils Mantella
på kennel Rollicks
1 blackbrindle hanhund & 3 vita tikar

SVBTK Trophy & Open show
7-8 augusti 2010

i årets Trophyshow var både  Int Champion Buffalo Bull's Germanmade Greta och hennes dotter   Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida inbjudna /
in 2010 years trophy was Buffalo Bull's German Made Greta and her daughter Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida invited.

Ida var dock inte med pga parning!
Ida was not entered because of mating
och inte jag heller !!
STOR JÄTTEKRAM o TACK TILL NATHALIE ,Mimmi, Karin, Jenny, Leila, Linda som visade  mina hundar till förträfflighet ! tack Olgas uppfödare Frank Tronsen som showade med old Olga i ringen !! till mångas förtjusning
och alla ni valpköpare som såg till att mina hundar kunde deltaga 🤩

Resultat Buffalo Bull’s bullarna

Hanhundar  judge Tracy Fletcher ,

9-15 mån.


Buffalo Bull’s Knight in White

"White with headmarking nice expressions but could do with a litte more fill under his eyes. Nice round bone good shoulders. Slightly long in the back. Moved ok both ways, quite sure this dog will improve with age.
Perfect mouth."

Buffalo Bull’s Knockout

"White with headmarking, nice profile but could do with a little more fill. Good round bone, a little long in the back and did not keep the topline in the move. Difficult to judge this dog. Would like to see a little more on this dog.
Perfect mouth"


15-24 mån.

Eva Marias Broder Jakob

"Bridle/white 2 year old. Beautiful head, turned and filled. Ear bang on top. Great expression. Good round bone and nice feet. Good topline, good bend of stifle. Move very well both ways.
Incorrect mouth, undershot"

HP: Head and Movements.
4rth in class

2-4 år

Anzesa Ineffable Isaac

"3 years old brindle/white male. Beautiful head turned and filled. Ear bang on top. Good underjaw, shoulders, topline and angulations. nice neck. Good bone. Showed and handled well. Incorrect mouth."

Hp: Head and Movements
3rd Best Male.

4-7 år

Buffalo Bull’s Emperor Franz

"7 year old Red/White male. Showed and handled well in ex condition. Good head, turned and filled with a perfect mouth. Nice round bone. Short back, not the best of angulations.
Moved ok."


Tikar  judge Anna Blair


Buffalo Bull’s Killer Queen


15-24 mån.

Eva Marias Syster Frida

"A Brindle/White bitch with a good head, little kind in expression. Good ear placement and mouth, a little long in the back, good reach of neck, good bend of stifle, tail croup a bit high. Moved ok."

Hp: Head and handling.
5fth in class.

4 -7 år


Buffalo Bull’s Germanmade Greta

"Well balansed blackbrindle and white bitch. lovely head, turned and filled, one missplaced tooth, good feet, nice tail carrige.
Moved well with drive."

HP: Head, movements and handling.


4rth Best Bitch.

Buffalo Bull’s Glowing Ghost


"White bitch with red ears, nice head needs a little more fill under the eyes. Perfect mouth, nice neck well placed shoulders. a little straight in stifle, good tailset nice feet.
Moved well with drive."
HP: Movements and Handler


Buffalo Bull’s Grim  Gremlin

"Lovely marked tricolour bitch with a nice head. The head needs a little more fill under the eyes.

One instanding canine. Straight front, upright shoulders, short backed, straight in stifle. Good tail carriage.

Moved ok."



Beefheart Cinderella

"12,5 year old white bitch with one red ear. Nice head nice make and shape, supercondition really enjoying her day.
Moved well for age." 

2nd in class

Avelsgrupp hanhund

Anzesa Ineffable Isaac

"Three year old brindle male with 3 children out of 2 different litters generally, he passed on good head with nice turn and fill, good mouths good toplines nice round bone and good feet.
Good angulation."
HP: Best breeding group-males.

Uppfödargrup Buffalo Bull's
"4 bitches with good heads and good earplacements. Nice fronts, two is a little long in the back a little straight in stifle.
Moved ok."

Aug.2010 Nya stamtavlor uppe! Se Tikar/Hanar

New Pedigree's! See Males/Bitches respectively!

more photos are coming ,please mail me if you have photo of some dog in the pedigrees or more titles !!

Jag o Igor på världsvinnarutställningen foto JOHAN ERIKSSON

nu har vi varit på turne' !
/worldwinnershow2010 i Danmark ,därifrån kom jag hem med 2st danska champions !🤩
*come home with two Danish Champions*
SUCH DKUCH Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida  & Jww-08 SUCH FINUCH  och nu Nordisk Champion
Anzesa Ineffable Isaac *Igor*

som var snubblande nära en världsvinnarseger 
Anzesa Ineffable Isaac  Danskt cert Cacib - Danish champion
domare Miquel Angel Martinez, Argentina

saturday  Dtek
judge   Josef Schneider, österrike
IDA Cert 2 BTK - Danish champion
Igor 2a Bh 2bestmale

Eva Marias Broder Jakob fick exellent och blev 3a i sin klass ,superfin kritik på hela honom /
lovely critic all over 

sunday judge  Gerard Cox
Eva Marias Broder Jakob  exellent !

svensk vinnare Avesta

Sv-2010 Avesta 13juni2010
domare Kurt Nilsson 
2 Bh Eva Marias Dean (Jakob o Fridas bror ) Cert Cacib
5 btk Such Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida

championklassen var full av vackra tikar !
grattis till BIR SV 2010 Int ch  Nordch NV-08-09 Sv-09 Kbhv-09
Emred War Dance  (Idas pappa )🙃
samt Grattis till  SUCH Jww-08 Nominoe Candystripe *Selma * BIM sv 2010


Norsk Open Show 2010

Norsk open show 5juni 2010
judge mark Young ,uk

Eva Marias Broder Jakob
vann Bästa rörelser!
best movements
och blev 4 bästa hanhund 😋

Anzesa Ineffable Isaac   Hp för huvud & rörelser
honnorsprice head and movements

Ida fick Hp för Huvud
honnorsprice head

Melker fick Hp ,2a i sin klass


Buffalo Bull's Knight in White BIS valp Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna 30maj2010
domare Weronique Ehm, France

BIR BISvalp 6-9mån
BIS valp av alla valpar 4-9mån/
BIS puppy 4-9months!!!

Buffalo Bull's Knight in White
*Melker* 😙

bästa hane  BIM😀

JWW-08 suchfinuch
Anzesa Ineffable Isaac *Igor*

3a Bästa Tik / 3 best bitch
SUCH Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida🤩

tack alla ni som gav support och hjälpte mig vid ringside !
en supertrevlig dag med många bullar o vackert väder !

😀 Tånga hed  9maj 2010 
domare Chris Kilpatrick ,kennel Kilacabar ,uk

Buffalo Bull's
I'm Independent Ida BIM och Cert och då blev hon
Svensk Utställnings CHAMPION   
!!! 🤩 🤪
vi är så stolta !! 🙂
hon slog 32st tikar varav 6 championtikar endast 2år o 5 dagar gammal😀

critic Ida  , exellent CC BOS
* 2year old red&white, terriertyped bitch
very well balanced, sweeping bodylines,
classical wellfilled head with exellent profile,correct mouth, good eye and earset, straight front,enough bone for type,
short back,good quarters,move with drive better in front ,closer in back *

her sister Buffalo Bull's I'm Imperial Ivanna

2 year old upstanding white bitch. Strong well filled head, deep
muzzle, correct mouth. Dark eyes, heavy ears. Elegant neck into good shoulders, straight front, good bone, correct topline, good bend of
 stifle. Move well in front, closer behind.

Tånga Hed Sweden 9may 2010
judge CHRIS KILPATRICK , Kilacabar, uk

BOS CC and swedish Champion
Buffalo Bull's I'm Independent Ida

BIS 2 avelsgrupp
Jww-08 finuch such
Anzesa Ineffable Isaac  !!!
 som blev
4 BH 🤩 / 4 best male 
tills med sina döttrar / his progency
Ballymote Elegant Ellie
Ballymote Elastic Elvira
Starbust A Kind of Magic
samt sin son
2BH Starbust the Name of the Game🤩

critic group HP BOB BIS 2
*Team with quality , compact good profiles,rich colours ,straight fronts,
nice tight feets,well bent stifles ,
producing his type! *

tack Sannie(kennel Anzesa) för vackert visad Igor
tack alla för att ni ställde upp med era bullar i avelsgruppen så det blev möjligt !

valpklass 6-9mån hanar / puppyclass
 2 HP Buffalo Bull's Knight in White
 3 HP Buffalo Bull's King Arthur
1HP bästa tikvalp
Buffalo Bull's Killer Queen
ta ck Nathalie för vacker handling

ungh.klass / youngdogclass
3 HP Eva Marias Dean
4 HP Eva Marias Broder Jakob
tack Katherine för en stiligt visad JAKOB

jättetack !! till Arthurs Anna, Vildas Markko o Hanna  , Fridas Nathalie,Frasses Annika o Igors Linda  för att ni var där och  för all hjälp under utställningen !

Grattis till alla övriga vinnare denna dag !!!!

congrats to all the winners this day !!

o tack för en supertrevlig helg tillsammans med dansk mat o dryck 🤩! och härliga danska vänner ,härligt att avnjuta ert danska gemyt !

thank's all for a lovely weekend !

OLGA 12 år !

😀 VÅR OLGA blir 12 ÅR 😀
21 april 2010

vov hurra vov

många Grattis kramar
vi firar med gräddtårta  o presenter(gosedjur)
o många vänner

Valpar /puppies

vår Jakob har blivit far
födda 1mars 2010
mor :
den vackra Such Dkuch Sv-07 Bullkings Midsommer Promise

båda föräldrarna hälsotestade u.a

mer foton  / more photos 
click hanhundar/males  then  Jakobs valpar/puppies

Buffalo Bull's King Arthur BISvalp3 i sollentuna

😋 GRATTIS ARTHUR !! snart 5 månader ..
BIR o BISvalp 3 i östsv tek Sollentuna

 Grattis till Eva Marias Syster Frida
CK 4 BTk
domare Svante Frisk

tack mina kära valpköpare som gör detta möjligt ...🤩
jag tackar för en fin dag  , måhända lång hehe
men underbart att få träffa er o (mina) valpar!
se mer av ARTHUR o hans syster Vilda under Igors Valpar /
see more under Igors Puppies


22.05.2012 20:28


Stort grattis
till duktiga utställare! Det är så roligt att läsa om alla fina framgångar.


18.08.2011 10:17

maggan Häll

tack alla för alla vackra.......... bullepussar till er från bullarna på BUFFALO BULL*S

17.08.2011 21:56

Eva Dahlquist

Stort Grattis till dig och dina fina bullar! Selma och Ruben hälsar med blöta pussar!/Eva

17.08.2011 15:15


GRATTIS till helgens framgångar!
å tack så mycket för alla valpar jag har/haft i mitt hus- Berta,Maggan,Cesar,Budda.. hoppas på flera godingar från dig !

17.08.2011 15:01


Grattis på den stora dagen som du vann! mäktigt!

25.04.2011 17:57


hejsan har ni parning på gång snart ? jättefina hundar :)
mvh monica o jim

07.03.2011 10:01


Supergrattis till framgångarna! Way to go!

17.10.2010 22:21

Petra Frej Tarkka

Ett stort grattis i efterskott till Idas små godingar. Hur söta som helst! MvH Petra & Daniel från Tibro

14.10.2010 02:08

Siv Kvarnström

Grattis till valpkullen!

07.10.2010 08:56


GRATTIS mamma Ida och Maggan till 8 fina valpar!
Kan knappt bärga oss!
Kramar o rosa
Ewa Sal o Ella

24.04.2010 20:08

Marie & Doozer

Ååååå va härligt med en 12åring!!!!!!
Tänk om alla bullar kunde få bli minst så gamla :)
Dooz ska bli 100 år, minst ;)

Stort grattis till födelsedagstjejen

20.04.2010 20:19


Hej är väldigt intresserad av en bullterrier i slutet av sommaren, tänkte kolla om ni har något planerat ? även om man kunde få komma och kika på dom mvh Åsa

28.03.2010 09:23


Det här ser ännu finare ut än det tidigare! Men jag kom inte åt att se Jakobs valpar.

29.03.2010 11:40


gå in på jakobs valpar under hanhundar !! lycka till